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Luisita Rum Oro


Established in 1881, Antonio Lopez, the first Marques de Comillas of Spain acquired an expanse of land and turned it into a pillar of sugar production. Hacienda Luisita has been passed through many generations, striving to keep a lasting legacy.

The liquid owes much of its qualities to the sugarcane grown on the fertile volcanic soil of Central Luzon that yields dark, rich molasses, which is fermented then distilled into a fine delicate spirit with characteristics that are further enhanced in ageing vessels.

This Single Estate Rum is an embodiment of the land, its heritage and the spirit of the community.

Tasting Notes

This golden amber rum bears the aroma of delicate sugar with subtle tropical fruit, soft barrel notes of vanilla and caramel that leaves a sweetness on the tongue and finishes with mild oak and lingering spice.

Alcohol Content: 40%