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Rediscovering and celebrating flavors of home and heritage

Artisanal Spirits by Proudly Promdi

Bugnay Fruit Wine and Tapuey Rice Wine
made in Adams, Ilocos Norte

The Promdi Liquor Store

Craft spirits proudly made in the Philippines!

The Travelling Filipino Cocktail Bar

Serving uniquely Filipino cocktails
fit for modern celebrations

Bottled Cocktails

Enjoy a Proudly Promdi cocktail at home or on the go!

Pasalubong Packs

Pasalubong para sa lahat!

Sakto pang-regalo!

Explore our pasalubong packs!



Questions and answers


"This traveling bar wants you to pay more attention to local alcohol"

"Proudly Promdi showcases the depth and complexity of Philippine spirits, with its line of artisanal liquor and craft cocktails that are—true to its name—proudly community-made in the province."