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About Us

Proudly Promdi started in 2012 because of a simple idea: change the perception that Filipinos have about local products. Specifically, drinks. 

The Philippines has a long history of producing a variety of liquor and spirits. Filipinos, especially regional backyard distilleries, have been and continue to craft local drinks—some using recipes that have been handed down over generations—that showcase both regional ingredients and culture. It’s because of this that we wanted to show how outstanding these beverages are in terms of quality and flavor, and, ultimately, instill a sense of pride in these products, hence the name Proudly Promdi (proudly from the province). 

Today, we continue to carry this idea and we’ve expanded it even further through the craft spirits that we carry, the signature cocktails we create, and our Filipino cocktail bar. In every spirit bottled and every cocktail mixed, we tell the story of the Filipino artisans we work with and introduce new ways to enjoy them. In doing so, we contribute in our own way to the preservation of their culture and traditions.

We hope to bring you as many flavors the Philippines has to offer. With each sip, our goal is to inspire conversations about our country and what it has to offer the world.

Proudly Promdi — proudly at your service!