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Bielma Bugnay Fruit Wine


Bugnay (Bignay) wine is a fruit wine made of local wild berries commonly found around the Philippines. The fruit itself has similarities to cranberries or duhat. When eaten, the fruit is tart, acidic, and sweet when ripe. 

Our Bugnay is made by Dra. Bielma Bawingan and her community of women winemakers in Adams, Ilocos Norte. There, the bugnay berries are cultivated and harvested by hand seasonally. Only three batches are made throughout the year. The berries are then fermented, aged, and bottled.

Alcohol Content: 14%

What it tastes like: Sweet, light-bodied, fruity with hints of floral notes. Perfect for the Filipino sweet palette, this fruit wine is a good base for sangrias which makes it an easy sipper. As we always say - this gets the titas of Manila party started!

How to enjoy the Bielma Bugnay: The Bielma Bugnay is best enjoyed chilled! You can also add your favorite soda to make a simple refreshing spritz or sangria.

How to store the Bielma Bugnay: Once opened, it would be best to refrigerate the bottle. If unopened, leave it in a dark cool area not hit by direct sunlight.