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Pedronan Tapuey


Tapuey is a traditional Filipino rice wine commonly consumed during special occasions and rituals in the northern provinces of the Philippines. This particular tapuey is made in small batches by Nanay Ernanie Pedronan and her family in Adams, Ilocos Norte.

Nanay Ernanie harvests her own glutinous rice, known as bunkitan, which is cooked and then fermented using local yeast from Baguio. It is then packed into clay jars and left to ferment for several months, after which it is filtered and bottled. 

Alcohol Content: 17%

What it tastes like: Brown sugar, caramel, with a slightly savory aftertaste. It has a syrupy consistency with a smooth finish that is very easy to drink. It also has a comparable taste to Port Wine or Sweet Vermouth.

How to enjoy Tapuey: Traditionally, Tapuey is enjoyed neat at room temperature. Alternatively, it can also be enjoyed chilled or over ice. 

How to store Tapuey: Once opened, it would be best to refrigerate the bottle. If unopened, leave it in a dark cool area not hit by direct sunlight.