Proudly from the Province

Proudly Promdi is a local beverage company that provides a familiar and exciting piece of Filipino heritage with every spirit bottled, cocktail mixed, served & enjoyed.

Proudly Promdi celebrates and refreshes Filipino heritage by promoting artisanal spirits and using them in craft cocktails through the Travelling Promdi Bar & other creative partnerships.

[[Ken's personal story about how the brand started with his family and how it has grown today - signed as the founder]]

The Philippines is an amazing place. Its provinces are home to diverse cultures, a variety of amazing people, not to mention an untapped source of world-class products.

Our goal in Proudly Promdi is to change the way people think about products that are promdi through accessibility. We want to remove the stigma in Filipino consumers—and manufacturers— that promdi products aren’t good enough.


Brand Values

  1. Rooted in traditions Paying respects to regional roots, pride of place, and its people. Proudly Promdi celebrates craft & community proudly from Philippine provinces.
  2. Refreshing flavors & feelings Sharing uniquely Filipino flavors & feelings meant to be savored. Proudly Promdi experiences are a breath of fresh air made to share something new to stimulate your senses.
  3. Refined perspectives Putting together local tradition with contemporary sensibilities Proudly Promdi introduces uniquely local flavors fit for modern celebrations & changing lifestyles.


We help households of the winemaking community in Adams, Ilocos Norte with the packaging and distribution of their handcrafted spirits.

We want to help create a venue for consumers to take notice of their products and encourage these households to continue producing them. This could be a source of alternative livelihood and help preserve a part of their culture.

Regardless of which province you’re from, we all have our very own promdi products.

We urge everyone to keep an eye out for local products you can be proud of.

Let’s all be proud that it’s PROMDI.