About Promdi

Promdi comes from the phrase "from the province" which was shortened to "promdi", a shortened and slang version of "from the". It originally has a negative connotation, referring to someone who grew up or came from the province. 

We can help change that. 

The Philippines is an amazing place. Its provinces are home to diverse cultures, a variety of amazing people, not to mention an untapped source of world-class products. 

Our goal in Proudly Promdi is to change the way people think about products that are promdi through accessibility. We want to remove the stigma in Filipino consumers—and manufacturers— that promdi products aren’t good enough.

We help households of the winemaking community in Adams, Ilocos Norte with the packaging and distribution of their handcrafted spirits. 

We want to help create a venue for consumers to take notice of their products and encourage these households to continue producing them. This could be a source of alternative livelihood and help preserve a part of their culture.

Regardless of which province you’re from, we all have our very own promdi products. 

We urge everyone to keep an eye out for local products you can be proud of. 

Let’s all be proud that it’s PROMDI.